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    Rest stops aren’t often available, so where can tired drivers stop to take a nap?
    • January 23, 2024

    Q: We recently wrote about the problem of driving while drowsy and some of the steps tired drivers could take to be safe.

    In response, Sharon Goloskie of Riverside asked for advice about where tired drivers should stop for a quick nap. Goloskie said she commutes 75 miles between Riverside and the San Fernando Valley and it takes her an hour or more, often leaving her tired. Goloskie has pulled over a few times off the 210 Freeway for a quick nap in her car in the parking lot of a business. One time, she said, she was startled awake by police officers knocking on her car window after someone called the police on her. Goloskie noted that rest stops are not an option as they are few and far between.

    A: We asked Officer Dan Olivas of the California Highway Patrol Inland Division for guidance, and he said the most important thing is to find somewhere safe. Walmart stores allow people to park trailers in their parking lot and are often open late at night. Another choice could be a gas station where there is an employee present and security cameras. (It might help to let the employee at the station know you are there.) Other safe locations include parking lots at a police station, hospital or fire station, where security cameras also are present, as well as other people.

    Q: Rose Rhoads of Menifee has questions about vehicle insurance.

    “I understand some states now have insurance on the individual and not on the vehicle,” she said. “So I guess if you have proper insurance, you’re OK to drive any vehicle. But doesn’t our state auto insurance cover a specific vehicle? Also, if a relative visits and wants to drive my vehicle just once or twice, do I need to add her to my policy?” asked Rhoads, who noted that her relative does not have a vehicle or auto insurance.

    A: In most cases in California, auto insurance follows the vehicle. In other words, regardless of who is driving, as long as the driver has permission from the vehicle owner, the owner’s insurance policy will include coverage for any driver. It can be risky to lend your car to a friend or relative though, because if they cause an accident, damage or injury claims could be made against your insurance and that could lead to your insurance costs going up.

    We really think this is a question for the insurance company or agent, as there can be exceptions and this could depend on the policy.

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