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    Service Offering

    Our Clients know What to Expect – “Results”

    We care about our clients and want to understand their business model to ensure we get the right solution at the right price. Communications cannot be taken lightly or for granted. It is your lifeline to your customers and employees.

    Certified Business Analyst Communications Review

    For our Telepeer clients we have a Certified Business Analysts review your bussines model for digital communication processes. This process helps get the right solution, but also is a review of your business digital communications phone systems.

    Digital White Paper Showcasing Your Business

    Our team will also prepare a case study in a Digital White Paper format. The Digital White Paper includes an interview, landing page, featured social postings and a website review of your corporate site.

    Get an office phone and get the home phone One Month Free.

    People are working more from home. With places starting to open up, working split between the office and the home is becoming common.

    Buy an office phone, and get one for the house at 1/2 off.

    Telepeer All Included Features
    All of our service plans have the same features across the board.
    • Directory on Phone
    • Temporary Greeting
    • Custom
    • Music/Message
    • Intercom
    • Remote Access
    • Custom Greetings
    • Dial by Extension
    • Message-Waiting
    • Music on Hold
    • Call logs
    • Call Reporting
    • Conferencing (3-way)
    • Auto-Reject/Divert
    • Auto-Attendants
    • Conference Bridge
    • Day and Night
    • Modes
    • Hosted Call
    • Recording Online
    • PBX Controls
    • Voicemail
    • Call Waiting
    • Multi-Site Support
    • Flexible Routing
    • Call Forwarding
    • Dial by Name
    • Detailed Reports
    • Password Protected
    • Automated
    • Directory.
    • Detailed Call
    • Call Transfer
    • Call Analytics
    • Call Queues
    • Speed Dial
    • Voicemail to Email
    • Extension
    • Transferring
    • Three-Way Calling
    • Time-Based Routing
    • Call Forwarding
    • Find-Me
    • Follow-Me
    • Reporting
    • Name and Number
    • Caller ID