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    3 teens arrested in attack on Fullerton College guard, with 1 accused of swinging ax
    • October 13, 2023

    Police arrested three people for what they said was an unprovoked attack on a Fullerton College security guard early on Friday, Oct. 13, with one of the teens pulling out an ax and swinging it at several guards who arrived to help.

    The 53-year-old guard was patrolling the campus early Friday morning when he found the trio — two 18-year-olds and a 17-year-old — on a bench in the college’s central quad.

    The guard believed one of them was suffering a medical emergency, said Kai Stearns, a spokeswoman for the North Orange County Community College District.

    But when he approached to help, Fullerton police said in a statement, they “immediately began to attack him.”

    The group punched and kicked the guard, stomped on his head, and attempted to gouge his eye, police said. During the attack, the guard was able to radio for help.

    When more security guards arrived, one of the teenagers pulled the ax from his backpack, swinging it at the guards but not hitting them, police said.

    The guards subdued one of the teens, but two others fled, running north across campus. When Fullerton police officers arrived, they tracked down the remaining two on foot.

    All three were arrested, with the 17-year-old taken to Orange County Juvenile Hall. The two 18-year-olds were booked in Fullerton City Jail.

    The guard who was attacked was taken to a local hospital to treat injuries to his face. None of his injuries were life- threatening, Fullerton police said.

    Stearns said he was released and was recovering at home with family later Friday.

    The campus remained open Friday for regular classes. The main Fullerton College campus is open to the public.

    Stearns said there was no ongoing threat to students or staff at the college.

    “We take our students, staff and community very seriously,” she said. “We commend the officers for what they did today.”

    ​ Orange County Register