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    Investor Capital
    • October 27, 2023

    INVESTOR CAPITAL (IC) is an investment firm with a primary focus on bringing top value to investors from all walks of life…from the brand new, completely green home buyer to the seasoned veteran with dozens of doors, we have the tools, talent, and network to help all investors achieve their goals and invest successfully, worldwide.

    Our organization operates with an abundance mindset, ensuring the success of all based on our simple guiding principles – Love. Care. Growth.

    For example, here is one of the amazing properties we have been managing that has enjoyed only five star reviews.

    “The BANK”, Palm Springs, California, is one of the amazing properties Investor Capital has been managing that has enjoyed only five stars.

    IC is building the world’s leading real estate investment marketplace. Our mission is to make ownership of investment real estate radically accessible, cost-effective, simplified, and most importantly, SUCCESSFUL!

    Our team of experts guides first-time investors to global asset managers in evaluating, purchasing, and operating residential investment properties with confidence from anywhere in the world. Investor Capital seeks to disrupt the industry with cutting edge technology and innovations.

    No matter your investment goals, Investor Capital is here to help.

    Our Story

    For decades now investors have been buying and selling properties throughout the country through the same old inefficient and usually uninformed processes.

    The methods through which investors buy and sell have been in dire need of a major overhaul.
    Understanding this great need, the Founders of Investor Capital, have created an entirely new way to invest and be successful.

    Bringing together their formidable and extensive backgrounds and experiences, the IC team of experts is utilizing cutting edge technology and deep industry knowledge which has created an entirely new way for investors to break into the game but do so efficiently while minimizing risk and maximizing profit potential.

    Here is our Chief Marketing Officer explaining some of these processes we utilize to ensure the success of our investors.

    Ara Ghanbarian, Investor Capital Chief Marketing Officer, presenting “My Villa Project” to the audience.

    Short Term Rentals Utilizing Technology + Data

    IC has created a platform to identify quality investment homes and easily perform initial property analysis in one place. This way the attractive benefits of real estate investing, including the potential for significant monthly cash flow and long-term appreciation, are more easily available to investors across a broad geographic area.

    Keep a close eye out for our major upcoming project called “My Villa”!

    How Our Property Managers Help

    Enjoy the benefits of owning a rental home without the traditional hassles of being a landlord.

    Save Time
    Our trusted property management teams are on the ground handling the day-to-day, so you can focus on growing your passive income stream.

    Peace of Mind
    From repairs and maintenance to communicating with tenants, our preferred property management teams protect your assets and keep things running smoothly.

    Invest Smarter
    Buy in markets with the best returns for rental property investors. Our systems enable you to own anywhere.

    Here again our CMO shares more insights about our expertise.

    The property management team at INVESTOR CAPITAL is dedicated to:

    ·      Responsiveness & transparency

    ·      Historical portfolio performance

    ·      Preferred pricing

    ·      Effective reporting & data

    ·      Clear and concise fee & pricing structure

    ·      Market coverage

    To get started and to obtain more information, please contact us at 1- 888-295-2688 or [email protected]. Our mailing address is 120 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660. We look forward to hearing from you!

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