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    Doing just ‘one more thing’ can put you on the path to freedom
    • June 25, 2023

    There is a day we can all celebrate. It’s not a national holiday, and we will have to declare it for ourselves.

    It’s called “one more thing” day. It can be declared every day, once a week or once in a while. It is our day for our personal pleasure and triumph. It is a day that leads to freedom and victory over the small, distracting things in our lives.

    To get ready, we will have to make a list of those things we’ve meant to do but haven’t. Come on, you know what they are. You may even have made that list before.

    Things on the list may be small and in themselves insignificant. They just niggle for our attention and distract us when we are doing more important things. Move that flower pot, write that email, clean out the sock drawer, things like that.

    They are like little puffs of air into a balloon. The balloon keeps getting bigger and bigger until it is full and stretched to its limit. Our mind may feel so full of these little undone tasks we don’t even know where to start. That is when we declare a “one more thing” day.

    Clear your calendar, make sure you have treats to inspire you throughout the day, and pick one thing from your list and do it. On this day, they don’t have to be in order – just do it.

    Taking care of our list one item at a time is like letting the air out of the balloon little by little. When you finish one task, say to yourself, “Just one more thing.”

    Steve Jobs made this phrase famous as he introduced new Apple products. He would finish his presentation and then, as he turned away, would turn back and say, “One more thing …” and would introduce his latest innovation.

    By taking care of the little distractions in our lives, we find ourselves with more time and energy to devote to what truly matters. Do things in small doses with treats in between, and when you can’t do another thing, simply declare this “one more thing” day is complete.

    You may not have gotten all of it done, but you are completely successful, and your mind will recognize that and look forward to your next declared holiday.

    Oh, and happy One More Thing Day to you.

    The Rev. Linda McNamar is a Laguna Woods Village resident.

    ​ Orange County Register