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    Apple iPhone 15 Pro users complain the device gets too hot to handle
    • September 29, 2023

    By Mark Gurman | Bloomberg

    Some of the first owners of Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are complaining that the new devices get too hot during use or while charging, a potential setback for the company’s flagship product.

    The gripes have spread across Apple online forums and social media networks, including Reddit and X. Customers say that the back or side of the phone becomes hot to the touch while gaming or when conducting a phone call or FaceTime video chat. For some users, the issue is more prominent while the device is plugged in to charge.

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    Apple technical support staffers have been fielding calls about the issue as well. They’ve referred customers to an old support article on how to handle an iPhone that feels too hot or cold. The notice says overheating could occur when using intensive apps, charging or setting up a new device for the first time.

    A representative for Cupertino-based Apple didn’t respond to a request for comment.

    The iPhone accounts for about half of Apple’s revenue, and new models are closely scrutinized for any potential flaws. Sometimes problems crop up that have to be addressed by Apple — with software updates or other fixes — but often the concerns fade on their own.

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    Apple also has a rigorous testing process in place that’s meant to catch any pitfalls before the iPhone goes into mass production.

    Having devices get warm is not an unusual phenomenon, especially given the supercharged processors that power modern gadgets. The question this time is whether the heat problem persists and goes beyond what consumers think is acceptable.

    The issue could be caused or compounded by the iPhone setup process. When users get a new phone, re-downloading all of their apps, data and photos from iCloud can be a long and processor-intensive procedure. Some users say they believe the issue could also be triggered by certain apps running in the background, such as Instagram or Uber.

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    Several people have posted videos of them checking the phone’s temperature with a thermometer. “iPhone 15 Pro Max gets really hot easily,” according to one post. “I’m just browsing social media, and it’s burning up.” Another said that the device got hot enough to be felt through a carrying case.

    But it’s not a universal issue. Other iPhone 15 Pro owners have said they aren’t experiencing the problem or that the heat is in line with prior models. For some customers, putting the iPhone in a case at least stopped the device from feeling hot to the touch.

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    One user complained that the iPhone 15 Pro Max got hot enough to switch off during a call and then took a few minutes to come back on. Apple’s devices do occasionally shut themselves off when they overheat or are exposed to the sun for too long.

    The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max include a new A17 chip with a more powerful graphics engine. That component, which is meant to help improve gaming performance, could be a contributing factor. The latest iPhone models also have a titanium frame, a switch from the stainless-steel design used since 2017.

    The issue comes on the heels of customers complaining about the FineWoven material used in the latest iPhone 15 cases. That fabric, which replaces leather as part of Apple’s environment push, is prone to scratches and gets dirty more easily, some customers have said. 

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