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    Michelle Steel: The United States must stand with Israel against Hamas terrorism
    • October 11, 2023

    The world saw the face of evil as Hamas terrorists launched countless missiles targeting Israeli civilians, invaded peaceful towns, killed over 900 innocent people, and dragged men, women, and children into Gaza to endure unspeakable horrors. At least 22 Americans were killed and several were among those taken hostage. My heart is breaking for the Israeli people who are suffering unimaginable pain. The images and stories coming from the region are nothing short of barbaric and the only acceptable response to these tragedies should be complete and utter support of our ally Israel as it fights to defend its people and bring these terrorists to justice.

    President Joe Biden and Congress’ reaction in the coming days is vital. In President Biden’s address to the United States he gave his heartfelt support for the innocent people of Israel and committed to give aid to our ally, but conspicuously gave no mention of any strategy dealing with Iran, Hamas’ benefactor. Leading up to this attack, President Biden’s actions regarding Iran have been deplorable. He has empowered the rogue state, lifting sanctions worth $25 billion, waiving Iraq to send $10 billion to Iran, renegotiating the Iran nuclear deal, and authorizing $6 billion in exchange for hostages that is all but guaranteed to be funneled to Hamas or other terrorist proxies. This is a total of $43 billion to the Iranian regime.

    I hope this war is a wake-up call to President Biden and his administration. Now is not the time to retreat from the global stage. The world needs the United States on the front lines, gathering support to aid our ally Israel and strangle the Iranian regime’s ability to ever orchestrate this depravity again.

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    Hamas terrorism: Letters

    President Biden must unequivocally throw his entire administration’s support behind Israel, immediately freeze his $6 billion payment to Iran and all aid to the Palestinians, properly enforce Iranian sanctions, and immediately halt talks with the regime about re-entering the ineffective and dangerous nuclear deal. We must do everything possible to ensure Iran does not obtain nuclear weapons. If this is what Iran is capable of without nuclear weapons, imagine what it can accomplish armed with such power.

    In conjunction, Congress must be swift in sending aid to our ally Israel as they fight for the safety of their families, including replenishing the Iron Dome, and pass additional ironclad sanctions against Iran. That is why I am calling for an immediate vote on my bill, the Solidify Iran Sanctions Act, to make sanctions established by the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996 that are set to expire in 2026 permanent.

    As our ally suffers one of the darkest days of her recent history, now is the time to stand up to swiftly bring justice to the evil regime that chants “death to the Jews” and “death to America.” I urge President Biden to end his tolerance of Iran’s terrorist agenda and stand side by side with our ally as they fight for their right to exist.

    Michelle Steel represents California’s 45th congressional district.

    ​ Orange County Register