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    Hotline 2-1-1 OC is now under OC United Way
    • July 12, 2023

    The hotline that connects residents with social services, 2-1-1 OC, has been acquired by Orange County United Way, a nonprofit that provides a wide range of health and human care services.

    “It is an honor to build on the important work of 211OC and establish a path forward that will enhance and grow this essential service to the community, ” said Susan Parks, CEO of Orange County United Way, which took control of the hotline on July 1.

    “At Orange County United Way, our mission is to improve lives in our community, and we are committed to strengthening 211OC well into the future.”

    Steve Churm, former chair of the nonprofit’s board of directors, said the integration is “a major step forward in providing critical housing, food, employment and crisis assistance and resources to those in need.”

    When dialing “211,” community members are connected to an information and referral specialist who assesses their needs and connects them with the correct resources in their communities such as housing, food and employment assistance.

    Between Jan. 2023 – June 2023, 211OC reported 58,015 calls. The hotline’s reach is expected to expand as a result of the acquisition.

    “The Board of Directors of 211OC is very excited about the possibilities offered by Orange County United Way,” said Janice Genevro, chair of the 211OC board. “211OC has helped thousands of our Orange County neighbors connect with needed services over the past four decades. Stronger together, Orange County United Way with 211OC will continue to lead efforts to use technology to provide better care, coordinate service delivery, and support the work of community-based agencies.”

    Hotline staff who are eligible will become employees of Orange County United Way and Karen Williams, president and CEO at 211OC, will have an advisory role in the new organization. According to their 2021 Form 990, 211OC staffed 49 employees and 164 volunteers.

    “All 211OC employees were offered the opportunity to apply. And everyone who has interviewed has accepted a position,” Parks said.

    “We will be planning listening sessions to hear from partner organizations and the community on how we can grow and evolve 211OC. We look forward to gaining community input on expanding the scale and impact of the service into the future.”

    ​ Orange County Register