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    Aviation: A look at flying car technology and other new aircraft
    • July 8, 2023

    Drive and fly

    Flying cars are not just something you see in “Star Wars” anymore. There are several in development, but it may be years before you see them regularly in the sky.

    Flying Car Terrafugia Transition video:

    Flying car market

    There are many companies with prototypes ready. Here are a just a few of the players:

    Jaoby Aviation’s Air Taxi (backed by Toyota and Intel).

    DeLorean Aerospace: Yes, Delorean of “Back to the Future” fame. John DeLorean’s nephew Paul is working on the DR-7, an autonomous electric propelled flying car.

    PAL-V Liberty: In production in the Netherlands, it looks like a foldable helicopter you can drive.

    Uberair: A project in development since 2016. Uber invested about $125 million in Joby Aviation Inc. to build vertical takeoff taxis.

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