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Business Continuity In The New Pandemic World

Businesses must adapt to our new crises, while taking care of their employees and clients. We can offer an assessment to see which VoIP phone system can help keep your doors open, no matter where your employees work. Call us for an assessment.

Accelerate revenue growth with hosted VoIP

VoIP allows users to make and receive calls using a broadband internet connection instead of a regular or analog phone line. This allows any business to use a secure and reliable system that is designed to scale with the success of your business.

keep yourExisting Numbers

If you have a long-standing number that your customers know or that has value for your business, we don’t want you to lose it!

office and conferencePhone Options

Telepeer offers a wide variety of IP phones for your business, including VoIP handsets and conference phone systems, all at discount prices.

custom priceQuote and Promotions

Telepeer offers your organization over 80 voice features – including mobile, desktop, and web applications – for one low, monthly per-seat price.

With Telepeer cloud-based VoIP you get a economical business tool that is a critical component to customer communications.

Customize with ease

VoIP phones offer a more flexible infrastructure. Since the systems are cloud-based, your IT team can make changes online, which means fewer hours managing an analog telephone system and more time for high value projects.

Critical Business Continuity - With Ease

The Business Model has changed. During our 2020 pandemic, employees and businesses are requiring flexibility without the lost of functionality and security. Protect your employees, and your business with the Telepeer hosted VoIP system. Unplug and go to the remote office.

Modernize your communications

Since VoIP phones run on cloud-based software, they can receive updates just like any other online service you depend on. That means your small business will always have the latest and greatest communication features.

Reduce your overhead

Your typical telephone service for business requires you to host and maintain network equipment like a PBX on-site. VoIP phones, on the other hand, just need an internet connection – your virtual phone system handles the rest.

Take calls anywhere

Just because an employee is away from their office VoIP phone doesn’t mean they’ll miss a call on their business phone number. The best virtual phone systems can route calls to any number of other devices according to rules you choose.


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