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    Lisa Hart signs off as host on Laguna Woods Village TV
    • July 2, 2023

    Standing before a backdrop of the American flag, Lisa Hart opened her June 14 “ThisDay” broadcast on Laguna Woods Village TV at 9 a.m. sharp. She announced that it was Flag Day, detailing the holiday’s history, before telling viewers that it was her last day as host of the daily show.

    Hart will move her base of operations to Arizona, where she plans to use her expertise as a certified travel agent and enjoy a bit of travel herself.

    “I may get into some TV work as well,” said Hart, who hosted “ThisDay” for three years.

    During that final show, Hart aired a tape of one of her favorite segments – a piece about the Equestrian Center and miniature horse Sebastian, or Little Sebby.

    She also chatted with Paul Ortiz, general manager of Broadband Services for the Village, and Michael Taylor, one of two new co-hosts for “ThisDay.” The other is Bobbie Higgins, who will rotate duties with Taylor and on occasion appear with him.

    Among her fondest memories, Hart said, was the work she did during the pandemic.

    “Because of Zoom, I was able to speak with people I wouldn’t be able to get in here (the studio), such as the emergency room doctor at Saddleback Memorial,” she said.

    She also enjoyed talking with residents during the lockdown to see how they were coping.

    “There are so many clubs here, and I appreciate their passion,” she said. “People come here to enjoy life and have new adventures.”

    In her own new life, Hart said she hopes to travel more and “help people find fabulous vacations.” She plans to post adventures to social media through her company, Hart Adventures.

    “I’ve been doing this (at Village TV) a long time,” she said. “Although it will be tough to leave, I will be happy not to get up early each day, put on makeup and rotate my clothes,” she said with a laugh.

    In the closing moments of the show, Taylor complimented Hart on the enthusiasm and genuine enjoyment she shows for her interview subjects.

    “You are the same person on and off TV,” he said.

    The trio closed out Hart’s final appearance at 9:30 a.m. as the camera zoomed out on her Village TV career.

    “ThisDay” has aired for around 50 years, Ortiz said, and has had six hosts in that time, one for as long as 35 years.

    “The show will evolve again as the new hosts become more comfortable in their new roles,” Ortiz said in an email. Hart’s other show, “Your Health,” will be on hiatus until new employees can get “up to speed,” he added.

    Taylor has more than 30 years of broadcasting experience in front of and behind the camera. He worked with PBS SoCal KOCE for more than 14 years, serving as news director as well as producer and reporter for a daily live news program. He holds a bachelor of arts degree in broadcast journalism from Cal State Fullerton.

    Higgins also has 30 years of broadcast experience, both in front of and behind the camera, and has hosted a variety of TV programs such as talk shows, corporate videos and sports shows. She also has done voice-over work on commercials and corporate videos. She holds a bachelor of arts degree in communication from USC.

    Ortiz credits both with a good working knowledge of the local area and the Village as each has lived in the area for more than 25 years.

    After the show, Hart acknowledged the many informative conversations she had with her interview guests.

    “I learned something new every day,” she said. “I spoke to so many interesting and educated people, including doctors, scientists, nurses, researchers, executives, business owners and our residents with amazing pasts.”

    She is most proud of the work she did during the pandemic, when the Village station was the only one in the area dispensing local numbers for information and instructions.

    “We kept our residents informed daily, and I believe that the city of Laguna Woods was the first in the area to have a majority of its residents vaccinated,” she said, expressing pride in the community.

    “I have enjoyed this job because I got to be myself on camera,” Hart said. “It’s so much better than acting.”

    ​ Orange County Register