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    Hatch recalls nearly 1 million power adapters sold with baby sound machines
    • July 8, 2024

    Due to a shock hazard, a Palo Alto company is recalling nearly 1 million power adapters sold with sound machines marketed to help infants and young children sleep.

    The plastic surrounding the AC power adapter that was supplied with some of Hatch’s Rest 1st generation sound machines can come off when removing the product from an outlet, leaving its prongs exposed, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said. That increases risks of electric shock.

    There have been 19 reports of the plastic housing surrounding the adapter coming off, including two instances of consumers getting a minor electric shock, the CPSC said in its Wednesday recall notice.

    The recall is specific to power adapters supplied by Jiangsu Chenyang Electron Co., Hatch said in a company announcement, adding that it is no longer sourcing from Jiangsu Chenyang for its products.

    Hatch also noted that the issue is only with the adapter accompanying the sleeping machines, not the device itself. “Once a replacement power adapter is issued, the Hatch Rest 1st generation device is safe to continue using,” the company wrote.

    In the meantime, consumers in possession of the faulty power adapters are urged to stop using them. The now-recalled adapters, which were manufactured in China, can be identified by their model number: CYAP05 050100U.

    The adapters were sold with Rest 1st generation sound machines on, as well as major retailers including Target and Walmart, between January 2019 and September 2022. Some were also sold on Amazon through May 2024. The machines produce white noise or lullabies to help babies and young children sleep, and also have features including a night light.

    An estimated 919,400 of them were purchased in the U.S., and over 44,000 in Canada. Hatch is offering a free replacement adapter to impacted customers and says it’s contacting all registered owners directly.

    Consumers can learn more about registering for the recall on the company’s website.

    ​ Orange County Register 

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