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    Interactive map: Where are wildfires burning in the US?
    • July 5, 2023

    As the planet continues to warm as a result of climate change, the rate of wildfires across the United States has created a “new abnormal” of progressively worse risks. To see where wildfires are burning in the U.S., use the interactive map below.

    How many wildfires are in the US right now?

    The map below shows all tracked active wildfires in the U.S. This interactive map allows users to filter active wildfires based on size.

    How to protect yourself from wildfire smoke

    As wildfires burn across the planet, wildfire smoke creates hazardous air-quality conditions. Using a mask or face covering can help reduce the risks, with N95 masks most effective. You can also use air-quality tracking maps like this one to gauge the risk in your area.

    ​ Orange County Register