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    McDonald’s puts jalapeños on Quarter Pounders
    • July 7, 2023

    Just in time for an expected heat wave, McDonald’s will be turning up the heat on one of its signature menu items, the Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

    On Monday, July 10, the fast food giant will officially begin serving a Cheesy Jalapeño Bacon QPC for a limited time.

    The sandwiches will feature one or two beef patties, bacon, jalapeño slices and both two slices of American cheese and cheddar cheese sauce.

    The sandwich is a follow-up to another limited time offer that became a viral sensation. The Grimace Shake was introduced June 12 to celebrate the birthday of a character featured in 1970s McDonald’s commercials. The purple beverage became a fad in TikTok videos. Most restaurants have likely sold out their supplies by now.

    Also this summer, McDonald’s is serving frozen beverages such as the Frozen Coca-Cola Classic and Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry for a limited time.


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