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    Old Dominion comes to the Crypto.Com Arena to celebrate its newest record ‘Memory Lane’
    • October 25, 2023

    In the wake of Old Dominion, the five-piece country group, releasing its newest record “Memory Lane” on Oct. 6, lead singer Matthew Ramsey reveals that the band has been experiencing a certain sense of alignment, both in their careers and personal lives.

    “Right now, it just feels like everything is coming together,” Ramsey said in a recent phone interview. “We’ve been learning so much about who we are as a band and who are fans are. We’ve put a lot of hard work into this career and now it’s like were just watching it in real time come to fruition with the new record and every night on tour in these arenas. It’s honestly the most joyful time.”

    As the country quintet preps to grace the stage at the Arena in Los Angeles on Friday, Oct. 27, Ramsey also expresses that he and the other four members have found a new sense of comfort in their creative process and stage presence. After 16 years as a band, Old Dominion has reached a point where it “all flows naturally, devoid of any sense of effort or strain.” That sense of ease and flow is apparent in the new 18-track LP which includes “I Should Have Married You,” “Easier Said With Rum,” “Ain’t Got A Worry” and taking the No. 1 spot on country radio, “Memory Lane.”

    Ironically, the reigning Academy of Country Music Awards Group of the Year never had the intention of making music together. What began as a collective of aspiring songwriters in Nashville, brought together to showcase their individual songs, has since evolved into what Ramsey fondly describes as a close-knit family. Thequintet dedicated considerable time to honing its craft. In the early days of Old Dominion, the focus was on creating songs that would gain radio airplay, rather than delving into the depths of personal stories. It wasn’t until they struck gold with the release of “Break Up with Him” off the sophomore album, “Meat and Candy” in 2015 that everything fell into place. This track became the band’s first Billboard No.1 hit and marked a successful turning point.

    Now, with the release of the band’s fifth studio album “Memory Lane,” fans can anticipate a new era. While Old Dominion’s classic sound remains intact, it now features an elevated twist, complete with electric guitar solos in tracks like “Freedom Like You” and a touch of sultry R&B in “Easier Said with Rum.”

    “It’s pretty obvious in this record that we feel a lot more confident in our abilities as musicians and as a band,” Ramsey said. “There’s less pressure now when we go into the studio. We just know what we’re there to do and we can enjoy it fully and create what we want to create. And as men, we’ve all evolved and been through it. We work on ourselves with growing. This career can be tumultuous at times so it’s nice to reflect on who we are as people. Whether that’s us reading books and sharing them with each other or going to therapy, we just feel really good about who we are as people and this stage of life.”

    While reflecting on the album, Ramsey describes the creative process of its latest record as both lengthy and surprisingly effortless. The group initiated recording at Jimmy Buffett’s studio in Key West, Florida, for a few days in 2021, and then seamlessly transitioned back on the road for tour. This cyclical pattern continued over the next few years, with the band alternating between studio work and touring, gradually building what the world would now know as “Memory Lane.” Lyrically, the group feels comfortable expressing their real-life experiences, offering a level of authenticity that resonates with new and old fans.

    “When you boil down songwriting, they tell you to write what you know which is a very simple concept, but it’s also hard when you feel like you need to sort of chase after a hit or what you think people want to hear,” Ramsey said. “But truthfully, if you just turn inward and write what’s in your heart and what’s going on in your life or what you observe in your friends’ lives, that’s what ultimately connects us to fans. That’s what we’ve been able to do here.”

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    Now, the band is taking over the Arena in Los Angeles, hosting 20,000 fans for a night filled with fan-favorite hits. And although the Nashville-based group doesn’t necessarily have Southern California roots, it does feel a strong connection to the fan base that has grown immensely on the West Coast. It’s something Ramsey can’t quite put into words, but it’s a city the band looks forward to playing time and time again.

    “I can’t really explain how our relationship with Los Angeles grew so much, but it did,” Ramsey said. “I had never been to Southern California before this band started to take off and we started touring and I remember very vividly the moment I stepped off the and took a deep breath and thought ‘My god, I love it here.’ Soon after we started writing about California and it worked its way into our music and songwriting, it’s just a special connection and a beautiful relationship. We’re so excited to get back to Los Angeles and play at the (Crypto.Com Arena), it’s such an iconic venue. We just can’t wait to play for those fans.”

    Old Dominion: No Bad Vibes Tour

    When: 7:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 27

    Where: Arena, 1111 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles

    Tickets: $57-$563 at

    ​ Orange County Register