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    Enlisting a friend to spread the word that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    • October 15, 2023

    “You’ve had such a busy month that I was worried you wouldn’t have time to drop by,” I said to the moon as it tucked in outside my garden window.

    It was a few slices less than full this visit, but what with the Blood Moon in early October and the upcoming Hunter’s Moon at the end of the month, who could blame him for being exhausted?

    “I’m so glad you are here, Mr. Moon,” I said as I put the kettle on for tea. “I need your help.”

    “More deliveries?” he asked referring to the lemon seeds he dropped off for me last year to friends in two different states and one in Hamburg.

    But this year’s request was a little different.

    “Remember 25 years ago when I told you that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month?”

    I had been watching the Rosie O’Donnell talk show and she had come up with a little lyric she sang to remind women of the importance of getting yearly mammograms. Go with a friend and then you can both sing …

    “I’m great. You’re fine. Let’s go have a glass of wine.”

    That was the year I found out I wasn’t fine and I was home recovering from breast cancer surgery when I heard Rosie sing those words. The catchy tune and her enthusiastic delivery has stayed with me all these years. Every time I got good news at a check-up I would find myself singing it.

    “So how can I help?” Mr. Not-Quite-a-Full-Moon asked as I set two cups of tea in the garden window.

    “You can spread the word about the importance of awareness.”

    Get yearly mammograms.

    Be vigilant about breast self-exams.

    Make them part of your shower routine. That’s how I found my lump that turned out to be cancer.

    See a doctor immediately if you find anything suspicious.

    That’s how lives are saved.

    “Everyone watches you, Mr. Moon. You are nature’s internet. You have the power to be seen and heard everywhere without ads interrupting your message.”

    A sliver of a smile spread across the face of the moon as we sang Rosie’s song together.

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