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    McDonald’s announces anime dining experience in West Hollywood
    • February 22, 2024

    McDonald’s is bringing WcDonald’s to its own planet.

    The fast food giant has announced an ambitious anime promotion built around a fictional, intergalactic fast food chain that turns the “M” McDonald’s into a “W.”

    WcDonald’s, according to the website Fandom, dates from 1983 in the manga and anime franchise “Cat’s Eye” and has appeared in many forms of entertainment, including video games, webtoons and light novels.

    McDonald’s partners in the project include illustrator Acky Bright and Studio Pierrot.

    The promotion will kick off Monday, Feb. 26, according to a news release. It will include digital manga, anime shorts, a special dining experience in West Hollywood and, yes, hot sauce packets.

    Manga chapters and anime shorts will drop Mondays, Feb. 26 through March 18. They can be accessed by QR codes on WcDonald’s packaging, which will include 10-piece WcNuggets, usually known as Chicken McNuggets. They will pair with a Savory Chili WcDonald’s Sauce for a limited time.

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    The dining experience will take place March 9-10 at 8505 Santa Monica Blvd., across the street from the historical hot dog stand Tail o’ the Pup. The pop-up space will be transformed by 360 projection mapping and immersive tabletop projections, the news release said.

    Diners will be able to make reservations beginning Wednesday, Feb. 28 at OpenTable, the news release said. Search on “WcDonald’s Immersive Dining Experience.”

    A lot to absorb? McDonald’s has a website called to draw you in.


    ​ Orange County Register