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    Afro Pride weekend brings ballroom dancing, music and more to Belasco Theater
    • June 28, 2023

    Following the festivities of Pride Month in June and LA Black Pride Week on June 28-July 3 — both of which celebrate the vibrant Los Angeles LGBTQ+ community with concerts, exhibitions, parades and wellness events — Afro Pride is coming to The Belasco Theater in Downtown Los Angeles on July 8-9.

    Afro Pride stems from the intersections of Pride Month and Black Music Month and serves as a two-day bash for the Black LGBTQ+ community. Presented by Live Nation Urban’s Houses of Luv, an event series for Black and LGBTQ+ culture, and the Haus of Basquiat, one of ballroom’s leading houses, Afro Pride brings together music, ballroom dance and Black activism.

    Afro Pride kicks off at The Belasco Theater on July 8-9.
    (Courtesy of Afro Pride)

    Afro Pride kicks off at The Belasco Theater on July 8-9.
    (Courtesy of Afro Pride)

    Afro Pride kicks off at The Belasco Theater on July 8-9.
    (Courtesy of Afro Pride)



    “As a Black Queer L.A. native I’ve always sought for spaces that Black Queer creative freedom could exist without being reduced to some sort of spectacle or meme,” Houses of Luv co-curator Zuhura shared in a statement about Afro Pride.

    “Afro Pride is the physical manifestation of our spatial imaginaries coming to life with a communal effort to pick up the baton as a young generation of Black queer folks who are actively fighting anti-Black and anti-LGBT power systems. We will not submit to the false idea that our dehumanization is some sort of normalcy. We’re extending Pride beyond June and I can’t wait for the community and allies to experience more than a party, but a radical and memorable experience.”

    The evening will kick off with Ballroom Honors and The Exhibition Life Imitates Art as a full ballroom performance, a well-known subculture within the Black and Latin LGBTQ+ communities in which participants dance, lip-sync and model for trophies and the bragging rights of being crowned the winner.

    Curated by the Haus of Basquiat’s founding members Miss Shalae and Dashaun Wesley of the Emmy-nominated HBO Max ballroom competition series “Legendary,” the show will feature performances by Kidd Kenn, Lolit Leopard, Cookiee Kawaii and Sevendeep.

    The following day will be a concert event filled with rising LGBTQ+ artists in the neo-soul and experimental dance music genres, with sets by Abra, Bbymutha, Alemeda, Shy Lennox, Bmajr, Naygod and Black Bass Collective.

    Tickets for both nights are on sale at Tickets for Ballroom Honors and The Exhibition Life Imitates Art on July 8 start at $45. Tickets for the Afro Pride concert event on July 9 start at $37.

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