Telepeer VoIP System Specials and Promotions

Got Clients? – Keep them with solid communications!

Our clients know what to expect – “Results”

Certified Business Analyst Review

Our Telepeer staff will provide a business review of your processes and communications. We have a certified business analyst and will provide a review of process, websites, communications to determine the best path forward.

Some of the deliverables would include detailed reporting on your website, with recommendations.

A Digital White Paper

We are proud of our clients! We would like to tell your story to the rest of our community. Our staff would interview your team for key updates to share to your potential new clients.  The interviews could include video and digital white paper.



Get an office phone, and one for home at 1/2 off.

Our customers are changing how they operate. We have changed how we support them. Buy a office phone and get the corresponding home phone at 1/2 the price. Your employees can work from home, or at the office without the worry of technical issues.


Contact us for any of our specials and even a free 30 day trial!