Teleeper Insights to VOIP in the Cloud

Have full control over your phone system

Whether your phone systems are Panasonic, Toshiba, Polycom, Cisco, or Yealink, business VoIP users will be able to fully control and customize their business telephone system from a dedicated web-based portal that is provided with the service. These portals are not just user friendly, they are completely digital and allow changes to be made in real-time, taking effect almost immediately.

With full system control at your fingertips, you set your preferred call settings, and change it instantly as needed. You can easily set up your phone to automatically go to voice mail or go to another extension. And unlike old phone systems, you can set special rules. Let’s imagine you are in your office, and you have very important work to do, but you don’t want to be disturbed by anyone…except your secretary. You can set a rule that every call goes to voice mail except calls from a certain caller.