Local bar czars acquire Muldoon’s Irish Pub…


The pandemic means challenging times for bars and restaurants but it also creates opportunities. So when Mario Marovic and his business partner Andrew Gabriel got the chance to acquire Muldoon’s Irish Pub, a popular local watering hole in the swanky Fashion Island neighborhood, they seized it.

Bar czars Marovic and Gabriel, the masterminds behind Playa Mesa, The Country Club, Wild Goose Tavern, The Country Club, Matador Cantina + Cocina and other projects, always liked the 4,500-square-foot restaurant with a courtyard and a patio. “I used to hang out there with my partner Andrew,” Marovic said in a telephone interview.

 Local bar czars acquire Muldoon’s Irish Pub… - Telepee

Business partners Mario Marovic and Andrew Gabriel, the masterminds behind Playa Mesa, Wild Goose Tavern and other projects, have acquired Muldoon’s Irish Pub in Newport Beach. Seen here, contestants in the seventh annual “Sexiest Kilt Competition”€ at Muldoon’s Irish Pub in Newport Beach from left: Dennis Patterson, Tom Reinsel and the winner, Micheal Dean. – Photo by OCR

“So, when the opportunity came up to purchase, Andrew and I both thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I have always loved that place.’ Since we acquired it, all these people have reached out to us saying,  ‘Oh my God! So glad you guys got Muldoon’s,’” he said.

Muldoon’s itself seems to have the luck of the Irish: This is the second time it has been rescued by enterprising ownership during an economic downturn. Ron Schwartz became a co-founder of Muldoon’s, the popular Irish pub in Newport Beach, when Newport developers Smyth Brothers, Inc. asked him to help build it in the ’70s.

“Our goal is to just make it relevant again, to let people know that the Muldoon’s history is in good hands. We’re going to preserve it, maintain it and take that same legacy into the next generation.”

Marovic and Gabriel will expand the menu, and retain the staff, the chef and General Manager Mary Murphy.

“Mary has been there for 30 years and she’s such a wonderful, charming Irish lady,” Marovic said.

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